Journal – Increasing investment in influencer marketing towards the end of the year

Change in the order situation of German influencers 2020 (© Graphic: eqolot)

German influencers are optimistic: 36 percent assume that their sales situation will improve by the end of this year. Eleven percent of these are convinced that they will be able to record a significant increase in the order situation. Only seven percent fear a complete collapse in orders in November and December. This is shown in a survey by eqolot, a full-service provider in the field of influencer marketing based in Berlin. A total of 123 influencers were asked about their sales situation at the time of the first lockdown, in autumn and as a forecast up to the end of the year.

It wasn’t an easy year for influencers. More than 60 percent of the multipliers stated that they had suffered significant order losses with the lockdown in March 2020; seven percent recorded a complete slump. The tourism, gastronomy and event industries in particular cut their budgets – areas of the economy that are particularly affected by the corona pandemic. Accordingly, only two fifths of the influencers were able to at least maintain their financial situation; at least 21 percent even improved.

In the course of the year, the order situation increased significantly overall, as the survey shows: at the end of October, 36 percent confirmed a better sales situation. Only 44 percent complain about a drop in sales. This goes hand in hand with an overarching rebalancing in the influencer’s customer portfolio: losses in the entire out-of-home area are now offset by increased income that contributes to home activities: In particular, the book industry, home fitness and gaming have their budgets in the area of ​​influencers Marketing increased.

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