Josie, who hosts the shopping mall’s New Year event with Josie, gives dolls to the onlookers (21:54) – 20230201 – SHOWBIZ

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Article date: February 1, 2023

Liu Luanxiong’s wife, Chen Kaiyun (Cambie), took her younger daughter Josie to a shopping mall in Causeway Bay to host the Chinese New Year Lion Dance. She and Josie together put the finishing touches on the lion dance. Gambie appeared wearing a pink and purple top with braids. Some metaphysicians said that the year of the rabbit is prosperous in purple. It is unknown whether it has something to do with her attire. Gabby shared a photo of the lion dance event. She asked her daughter to approach the onlookers to give plush toys. She praised the wonderful performance of the lion dance, the hardworking young team, and thanked the onlookers!

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