Joshua Jackson will play the main role in the remake of the sulphurous “Fatal Liaison”.

Joshua Jackson

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If you find that Joshua Jackson is too rare on the screen, this should delight you. He will play the title role in the series inspired by the sulphurous 1987 film, Liaison Fatale.

Joshua Jackson is one of the actors we would like to see even more regularly on screen. For the nostalgic, Joshua Jackson remains the unforgettable Pacey in the series Dawson. It is this role that will open the doors of the cinema to him. We will see it in Scream 2 and Urban Legends who are surfing the wave of the renewal of slashers. Director Steven Soderbergh even invites him for a cameo in Ocean’s Eleven. Joshua makes an appearance (voice dubbing) in the cult series The simpsons. On the series side, the post period Dawson is pretty empty until her role in the excellent series Fringe.

Joshua Jackson ranked in 2010 among the 100 most beautiful TV actors — Credit (s): Getty Images

More recently, it is in The Affair that we found Joshua Jackson. The series, which revolves around a story of adultery, has been very well received by audiences and critics. Always fair in his choices, Joshua is then in the cast of the mini-series Netflix, In their gaze. It is finally in front of the actress Lizzy Caplan that we will find Joshua Jackson. The storyline also revolves around the issue of infidelity. It is, however, an adaptation of a 1987 film, Fatal Liaison. At the time, the feature film had made him famous for various scenes deemed very erotic.

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Joshua Jackson in a new role that promises to be hot!

In the original work, Michael Douglas faced Glen Close. In line with Basic Instinct, which had revealed Sharon Stone, Fatal Liaison depicts a sulphurous extra-marital relationship. But the film (and the series, we hope) above all posed strong questions about gender relations and cultural perceptions. So we are obviously entitled to expect a much more modern reinterpretation of these subjects. This is a real challenge to stick to current issues and realities. But for all that, we really trust Joshua Jackson who seems perfectly chosen. Of course, we can’t wait to tell you more about this new series!

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