Jose Mourinho: Managing the Crisis and Expectations at Roma

Jose Mourinho: Managing the Crisis and Expectations at Roma


Mourinho, Vasco and a move to Mourinho

In these moments a person must isolate himself. It’s one thing to isolate yourself because others leave you alone, it’s another thing when you choose it. And this is my case now: I go to bed at 6 in the morning, only get out of bed from 12.15 when I was awake since 7. Thinking for myself, deciding for myself. They talk, they give opinions, inside and out. Even my collaborators, I will hear a lot of things because everyone has an opinion. I had a meeting yesterday with the players: I said that I will ask questions and also give the answers. If I get the answers wrong, raise your hand and tell me. I answered 10 questions and everyone told me they were right answers. I know them well and didn’t want to hear opinions“.


Mourinho and the crisis of the third year

When a person is well there is no third year, fifth or tenth. There are problems even in the first year, in football as in life. I have friends who are still friends even though I met them at 5 years old. Everything is a marathon: football, life, I don’t see this as a problem. When you don’t feel love you know that enough is enough. When you are tired, even without problems, you understand that the relationship has reached its limit. We cannot change with 100 million if there is a problem, like at City or Barcelona. The problem is not the years, but the relationship, whether it exists or not. And for me the relationship exists. I really like the relationship here, nowhere else have I liked it more“.


Mou: “I expect more from myself and the players, they are my friends”

I expect more from myself, but also from the players. If I concede two goals from defensive balls I think I train defensive balls. Yes I expect more from them. These guys are my friends and I’m their friend. I like working with them, there is empathy and this is a base that is priceless. I am never alone with them and they are never alone with me. I expect mentality, hunger. I wait for the new ones to grow at the right speed if we show them what we are like. Is N’Dicka as a defender also Ibanez? Never in life, he is not a warrior, he is not a gladiator. He can only become that warrior if we show him how he does. We absolutely have to improve and it’s easier to say it when there is friendship“.

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Mourinho on the game plan and the role of Cristante

Pinto was here a few weeks ago and explained everything, saying well how Roma are forced to work on the market for financial fairplay. In defense there are no longer Ibanez, sold, and Kumbulla, injured. We were left with 3 players after Smalling’s injury and we play every three days, now Diego’s injury is part of his story and has put us in difficulty. This is no time for alibis or to blame anyone, it’s no one’s fault. I knew perfectly well that all this could happen. Cristante gives us more at this moment, he has had a fantastic evolution, he wasn’t a genius with the ball, he is smarter, faster. It’s fundamental and I was forced to put it behind. Then maybe they ask me if we play 4 or 3, I answer immediately: to play 4 Costa must start and will be called up. Only ElSha can play on the left. You write that Dybala seemed tired and was playing inside the pitch, imagine outside“.


Mourinho on Roma’s moment: “I’m not a problem”

What if they offered me a renewal today? I don’t like talking about hypothetical situations. It’s never happened, I can’t talk about hypotheses. Three months ago, around Budapest, it was almost a drama to think that I could leave. In Budapest I said to the players and staff on the pitch: I’m staying here. After Spezia I told the fans: I’m staying here. Two or three days later I found Dan Friedkin and gave him my word that I would stay. In the summer I got the biggest offer of my life, the craziest offer in the history of football. And I rejected her for her word. Three months later it seems like I’m a problem: I don’t accept it. I don’t read, I don’t watch TV, I don’t hear, but I have friends who tell me and make things reach me. I don’t accept it. Until June 30, 2024 I am here working and fighting. Only one person can tell me it’s over before June 30th: it’s Mister Dan Friedkin. I’m the same person: expiring or with a 10 year contract. When I speak I speak to the world: I am always the same person, I am here and I am here with my parents. To work for my ownership and my fans. I’m not afraid of external pressure, I’m not afraid if the whole stadium boos me. If they want to find me they can find me in Trigoria where I live or I go to a hotel for a day or two. Tomorrow, as always, my players and I will be there“.

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Mourinho on Frosinone

We must have courage. Frosinone is a good team in a good moment, we must have desire, courage and personality. I would have liked to play today“.


Mourinho returns to the knockout against Genoa

Many things have happened, the team has gotten worse with Cristante as central defender and with the changes. Bryan never played with 4 behind, N’Dicka too, it looked like we could draw but instead we lost. What should we do now? Having the courage to enter the field tomorrow, accepting either the fantastic support that would be a Romanism lesson or a negative demonstration. In any case we must have respect“.


Mourinho: “No alibi, we want and must win”

We want and must win, no alibi. A point in the first three matchdays, in the open market, left a burden on some players. After Empoli, incredible result, and after the cup victory I thought that weight would come off the shoulders of the people on and off the pitch, but it wasn’t like that. In Serie A all teams can get a result, Torino’s point after a good game has become negative, if you get there with six or seven points it’s different. In Genoa I expected improvements and continuity: it didn’t happen“.


Off to Mourinho’s conference

Start the conference early


Di Francesco: “Roma is strong, Mourinho knows how to get out of this situation”

Meanwhile, the words of. arrive from Frosinone Eusebio Di Francescoformer coach (with a Champions League semi-final under his belt) and player (Italian Champion) of Roma: “Tomorrow we will play against a strong team in a different environment, I know it well and I know that the public will be close to the team. Mou knows how to handle this situation. You have to know who’s in front of you, but we can’t just focus on Lukaku and Dybala. We have to defend by arriving there with the right attitude

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The news at the Olimpico against Frosinone

Given the difficult moment, there is a lot of news on the climate expected tomorrow evening at the Olimpico. READ HERE


Mou in conference soon

At 2.30 pm in Trigoria there will be the conference Jose Mourinho: the technician ready to respond to journalists

Trigoria, Fulvio Bernardini sports center press room
2023-09-30 12:14:00
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