José changed the naturopathic medicine for mouth covers


The naturopathic doctor now sells face masks in the center of Xalapa, as it is the product that customers most ask for in the face of the pandemic

Inés Tabal G. |
Friday, July 17, 2020 |

Xalapa, Ver.- Selling his merchandise like dozens of merchants who are outside the Great Café of the Parish is José, they exchanged the jarochas crafts for face masks, he unlike the others offers his with unique designs to the few tourists that haunt the place . José is a naturopathic doctor, but the crisis caused by the pandemic led him to sell face masks.

The mouthguards of Joseph they are hand-embroidered with different designs, they have more than a dozen with different figures and colors, there are those of butterflies, roses, with the face of Frida Kahlo and she comments that she has just placed an order for these to be allusive to the port of Veracruz, Well, he says, “this is what customers are asking for now.”

His family was always dedicated to commerce, but since he was little he wanted to study a profession that would help him to overcome himself, so he decided to be Naturist doctor as a result of an illness that he suffered when he was young, which caused him a disability that he deals with every day and that forces him to use a crutch as a support to be able to move from one place to another.

“I have always been a person who likes commerce, but through the years I realized that I needed to continue studying (…) I have skeletal muscle destruction in my right ankle and because of that I worried about diseases, that’s why I studied naturism “

The 57-year-old man narrates that despite the many professions they have, since he was little he liked commerce, “when I went to school I bought pencil boxes and sold them to my classmates, like sweets,” he says. .

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While explaining the importance of naturist medicine, points out that, due to the pandemic, his consultations decreased and that is why he had to take a new turn, that of selling mouthguards, but since most of the merchants were engaged in that, he opted for something that caught people’s attention.

“I saw it quite hard because the patients that I have did not have money to pay for the medications, so there was no entry for anything, I had to make an effort to invest in mouthguards”

Due to the contingency by covid-19Hundreds of merchants who were selling crafts and souvenirs on the boardwalk, chose to exchange them for face masks since it is one of the most popular items among the population.

The embroidered face covers He buys them from one of his suppliers who sell them to wholesalers and then he resells them for 50 or 60 pesos a piece depending on how complicated the embroidery is, his work implies that he stays in the sun all day and moving to different points of the city. Macro Plaza del Malecón.

He comments that the best in the face of the pandemic of the covid-19 It is to have a positive mind and innovate according to the demand that customers request.

Despite the fact that he does not have a family that depends economically on him, he says that the medicines he must buy to continue his treatment due to the disability suffering, represent a heavy expense and which has to pay alone without any extra support.

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Despite the fact that at the beginning of the pandemic the health authorities recommended the use of mouthguards only for people who were sick or in closed spaces, the new studies carried out indicate that the use of this article reduces the probability of contagion among citizens.

Research published by the Mario Molina Center indicates that the air transmission route is highly infectious and is the dominant route for the spread of covid-19That is why the use of this article is recommended.

While in the Official State Gazette a decree was recently issued in which the use of mouth cover Whether it is of domestic and / or commercial quality to all people who by necessity have to transit on public roads, either on their own feet or through a vehicle or means of transport.

As well as other security measures were taken, such as the closure of all establishments that offer non-essential products or services in the municipality, all as part of the strategy to control the curve of infections which currently amounts to 15 thousand 380 in the entire state.

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