Jos put Max out of the van and left him behind after a bad race in Italy

Jos Verstappen and Max Verstappen have many things in common. They both rode in Formula 1, but Jos did that a few years earlier than his son Max. The 22-year-old Limburger has a reasonably good relationship with his father. However, the young Dutchman revealed that both his parents were hard. This was especially true for his father, who really gave everything to make his son the best driver in the world.

The driver made his debut at a young age and immediately showed his talent. The current Red Bull Racing driver was fairly restless and rude in his early years, according to many drivers, fans and F1 celebrities. Despite the fact that he came from a family with a racing pedigree, Max Verstappen did not have an easy life before he reached Formula 1.

Jos Verstappen drove himself in Formula 1 between 1994 and 2003, he achieved little success. Jos’ most famous moment in Formula 1 are his rain races and the pit stop fire at Hockenheim. Max’s mother, Sophie Kumpen, excelled in karting.

In Sochi at the Olympic Park, after the Grand Prix of Russia last season, Max Verstappen remembered an interesting moment from his karting time. In 2012, when he was only 15 years old, he raced at an event in Sarno near Naples. “I should have won that race easily,” he told The Telegraph. “In the first lap, someone overtook me and I wanted to catch it back in the next lap. I tried to make a very fast turn, he didn’t see me and we shot off the track. “

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Max and Jos got into a fight

Max Verstappen finally got it with his father. “My father worked very hard that weekend and I had it all messed up. He was very angry and didn’t talk to me. On the way home he said something to me and we finally argued. “

Max Verstappen further said that Jos stopped at a gas station and put him out of the van. Jos drove home alone without his 15-year-old son. Max then called his mother to pick him up. Jos and Max left each other alone for a week. Max Verstappen has learned a lot from that moment. “I have never had any surprises in Formula 1 because no one was as hard on me as my father.”

Nowadays the two are often together and discuss all the ins and outs.


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