Jorja Smith, Weezer, Fire! Chatterton… Discover our weekend playlist

The orchestral R’n’B of the young British artist, the time travel of the Rivers Cuomo band and the new world of spoken-word survivors. Find our soundtrack for this weekend.

Jorja Smith épique

Five years ago, Jorja Smith surprised her little world with Blue Light, first refined single released on Soundcloud. One album, two EPs, prestigious collaborations and millions of plays later, the Briton re-recorded her first hit and two other tracks with the WDR Funkhausorchester, an orchestra of 30 musicians from German radio WDR. Reunited on an EP, the three pieces benefit for the occasion from a philharmonic arrangement that seems to transcend the singer’s words in a heroic cavalcade. The delicate voice of the 23-year-old artist is showcased here as rarely. Do not miss. N. B.

Weezer against the machines

Weezer on all fronts. In addition to their album From Weezer (finally) announced for May, the group led by Rivers Cuomo should unveil a second disc (or a first, it depends) on January 29. There where From Weezer seems to be heading towards a more aggressive electric rock, Ok Human (according to OK Computer by Radiohead) takes the perfect opposite view. The group is formal : «We used our instruments to connect with the 1960s and 1970s and, with the orchestra, the 18th and 19th centuries. We didn’t use click tracks, loops or hi-tech sounds. Not even an electric guitar“. The first extract all in analog, All My Favorite Songs, announces the color. Black and white. N. B.

The Black Pumas deploy the Colors for Joe Biden

This is the flagship single from their debut album released in 2019, the Texans of Black Pumas have once again emerged Colors on the occasion of a live clip broadcast for the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States. Carried by the sensitive voice of singer Eric Burton, the soft and calm soul of the title and the other compositions of the group have earned them three nominations for the Grammy Awards. If everything continues to smile, the ensemble will land in France, at the Trianon, on June 25, before returning for three dates in November, in Lille, Nantes and Paris. S. C.

Moonspell and ballad

The metallers of Moonspell are stepping up. With the approach of the release on February 26 of their twelfth album, the near-fifties Portuguese have taken to an empty theater to shoot the clip for the single. All or Nothing, a melancholy, almost plaintive ballad, which should resonate with the at least gloomy landscape of current affairs. A rather surprising register for the group which had made itself known for its supercharged hymns of gothic rock. “It’s a song that is based on a more intimate, emotional, almost autobiographical melodic frame, on the joy and sadness of being in a band.»Declared singer Fernando Ribeiro at the release of the track. We do want to believe it. S. C.

The promise of Fire! Chatterton

“A new world, we all dreamed of it”. Especially in these covid times. Fire! Chatterton returns three years later L’Oiseleur (2018) and two after his live album Feu! Chatterton Live 2018 (2019). After leaving us a bitter and nostalgic taste in the mouth with the title departure, poem poem by Paul Éluard set to music, Arthur Teboul’s band invites us into a colorful, simple and lyrical bubble, where hope is (finally) allowed. The promise of the world of tomorrow yes, but especially of a new album in March 2021, called Clay palace. L. F.

Roger Waters reaffirms his anti-militarism

The Gunner’s Dream came out in 1993, yes. But the performance that Roger Waters offers here is worth the detour. The old one Pink Floyd, very politically engaged, especially against the now ex-President Donald Trump, plunges back into the ravages of war that the album denounces The Final Cut, last in which he participates as a member of the group. In this new version, the singer emerges with a blank voice, where melancholy and dignity mingle. Not easy when you know that this opus represents, for him, the culmination of his disagreement with his ex-acolyte, David Gilmour. L. F.

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