Jordy Amat and Sandy Walsh could play in the AFF Cup 2022


Harapán Jordi Amat And Sandy Walsh stick up for Indonesian national it will become reality soon. PSSI estimates that both can play in the 2022 AFF Cup.

The naturalization of the two has just been approved in the DPR RI Plenary Assembly, Tuesday (20/9/2022). Although they have not officially become Indonesian Citizens (WNI), both are moving closer to defending the Indonesian national team.

Previously, approval had also been obtained for the two descendants of the players of Commission III and Commission X of the Indonesian House of Representatives. For this reason, the DPR RI did not prevent their naturalization.


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“In accordance with the discussions between Commission III and Commission X, they have decided to approve the consideration of Indonesian citizenship for Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh,” said Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus as chair of the meeting.

But the approval of the RI Presidential Decree is not the final stage. Good Giordi And sandy they still have to go through many other steps to actually get a valid Indonesian passport.

Lodewijk said Jordi Amat and Sandy Walsh’s naturalization process will continue to the next stage. Furthermore, Jordi and Sandy had to wait for the presidential decree before taking the oath of Indonesian citizens at the Kemenkumham regional office.

If they later officially become Indonesian citizens, they could be the last piece Shin Tae-yong is looking for. The coach of the Indonesian national team is in fact looking for players of Indonesian origin who have experience in Europe.

Both were even invited to train with the Indonesian national team last May in Bandung during the preparation of the FIFA Match Day against Bangladesh. If there are no obstacles, PSSI believes both can appear in the 2022 AFF Cup.

“The closest possible agenda for Jordi Amat And Sandy Walsh strengthening Indonesia is the 2022 AFF Cup to be held in December, “the PSSI statement wrote.

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