Jordi Strictly Reject Panathinaikos Because of Salary, How Much Should Interested Clubs Pay Him?


The candidate for naturalization of the Indonesian national team, Jordi Amat, seemed to give a thumbs up when he was met at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, May 26, 2022.

BOLASPORT.COM – Candidates naturalized player Indonesia, Jordi Amat just turned down a contract offer from an elite club Greek Leaguebecause of salary issues.

Information received by, Saddil Ramdani’s agent Alex Talpes confirmed that Jordi Amat rejecting the offer Panathinaikos.

Alex Talpes get confirmation after communicating with agent Jordi Amat whose name is Jose.

I have a Greek partner and you can’t speak Greek.

“And after I tell you this, I tell you that Panathinaikos can’t pay the salaries looking for Jordi,” said Alex Taipes.

“And Jordi didn’t want to go to Panathinaikos at the moment.”

“Jośe refused before, I said how many offers from Panathianikos,” he continued.

Based on the above statement, what is the approximate salary the club has to pay for a player? Jordi Amat?

The answer lies in career development Jordi Amat itself.

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