Jordanian security seized cocaine in the bowels of a foreign traveler

Amman – Afp
Jordan’s anti-drug department seized on Wednesday at Amman airport a quantity of cocaine that a traveler from South America had hidden in his stomach, according to a statement released by General Security.
The statement read: “The Narcotics Department has thwarted an attempt to smuggle 1.5 kilograms of cocaine into the bowels of a foreign traveler of South American nationality arriving in the Kingdom via Queen Alia International Airport,” thirty kilometers south of Amman.
He explained that the operators of the anti-drug department inside the airport detected “indications that the traveler had hidden quantities of drugs in his intestines, and was immediately taken to Al-Bashir hospital” in Amman, and “when he was photographed by x-ray, the images showed the presence of a group of capsules inside his body.
The statement indicated that the traveler “at that time confessed to his attempt to smuggle a quantity of cocaine into his bowels” and 45 capsules had been removed from his body “by medical methods”, which turned out to contain 1.5 kilograms of cocaine.
For its part, the Jordanian army announced in a statement that “the forces of the Jordanian border guard thwarted an attempt to infiltrate and smuggle large quantities of narcotics from Syrian territory at dawn on Wednesday”.
The statement quoted an official military source from the General Command as saying, “Border Guard Forces have detected, through advanced observations, that a group of smugglers illegally crossed the border from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory.”
He added: “Quick reaction patrols were deployed and the rules of engagement were enforced with direct fire on them, which resulted in the wounding of one of them and the others fleeing into the Syrian depths.”

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