Jonathan Pretends to Report Losing his Wife to the Police, Turns Out He Has Been Sadistically Killed

Jonathan Daval (wearing a tuxedo) while pretending to be sad about his wife’s death. AFP, FRENCH – A man named Jonathan Daval was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of murdering and burning the body of his wife, Alexia Daval, in October 2017.

The court read out the decision in France on Saturday to the accused, who is 36 years old. He admitted that he was sorry for his wife’s parents. The verdict was lower than the prosecution’s demand for life sentences.

The incident that occurred in October 2017 began with Jonathan Daval’s report about the disappearance of his wife, Alexia Daval, a 29-year-old banker.

He reported that his wife said goodbye to jogging and never returned. It turned out that his wife died after being beaten by Jonathan and her body was burned in the forest not far from the location where his wife used to jog.

His body parts were found two days later. Some were burned, and some were covered with twigs.

His death then sparked a 10 thousand parade in the city of Gray. Women also use special symbols when jogging, to remember incidents of domestic violence.

After the discovery of his remains, Daval appears in tears, in a teleconference with his in-laws. However, three months later, prosecutors announced that Daval had admitted to murdering his wife.

During his research, Daval has changed his story several times. (Bbc / ngopibareng / JPNN)


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