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Jonas Johnson’s grim face – when son Andreas decided against Frölunda

Jonas Johnson: “No need to shout it out”

Published 2024-04-13 00.40



GOTHENBURG. Andreas Johnson avgjorde för Skellefteå.

On the TV pictures, father Jonas, the Frölunda icon, was zoomed in with a stone face.

But he was still quite happy.

– What can I say?, says Jonas Johnson.

What happens inside you when Andreas decides?

– It doesn’t happen that much. You will be glad that they decide.

Jonas Johnson, 54, is in a precarious position. He has been involved in securing two SM golds with Frölunda and is an icon in Scandinavium.

At the same time, he has two sons in Skellefteå, one of whom scored two goals and the other decided the crazy 7-6 semi in Gothenburg.

“Gets to cheer on the sons”

– I want it to go well for Frölunda, that’s clear. But if I have the sons in the other team, you can cheer for the sons, that’s how it is. Then it’s like… otherwise I stay at Frölunda, but right now it’s Skellefteå that applies, says Jonas Johnson.


full screen Andreas Johnson celebrates after scoring 7-6 for Skellefteå against Frölunda. Photo: Michael Erichsen / Bildbyrån

You sit and cheer if the sons do something good?

– It’s clear that I’m cheering for everyone in Skellefteå, they play there. It’s nothing strange.

It’s a bit strange, isn’t it, there aren’t that many who are golden heroes and Frölunda legends and so one of the sons decides?

– Shouldn’t one hold onto one’s own sons? That would be more strange, haha. If you angle in that direction, it is nothing strange.

Grim facial expression

In other words, there is no doubt that he is holding on to his sons. However, he doesn’t flaunt it very much. It was visible on the TV pictures after the decision when he was zoomed in and had a grim expression to say the least.

– I don’t need to shout it out like that.


full screenJonas Johnson when the son decided. Photo: TV4

People said Jonas Johnson looked pissed off.

– No, I wasn’t. But you don’t have to throw it in people’s faces.

How else is it to follow the match series?

– It’s awesome. A lot happens and today was a crazy game in so many ways.

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