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Jolanta Gulbe-Pashkevich leaves the show “Voice in the Mask”; Don is also exposed

The brightest performance of the evening was detected by the detectives of Zebra’s hit LMFAO hit “Shots”, while the last performance in the show was experienced by Taurenis, and under it the mask of jazz singer Jolanta Gulbe-Paškevičs. Also tonight for the first time a new mask was unveiled – Evening Star, who was a musician Don.

During the seventh broadcast of the show “Voice in the Mask”, the unusual Butterfly withdrew from the game. It is a mask that has been the subject of the widest discussion during the show, trying to answer the question of whether a man or a woman is hiding under a butterfly mask. However, tonight the Butterfly mask fell, and under it hid the jazz singer and vocal teacher Jolanta Gulbe – Paškevica.

“Butterfly was so professional that he only revealed who he is with his nth walks. Butterflies, it doesn’t make sense for you to hide any longer. I know you won’t be shocked that we expose you because you keep singing! ” Before unveiling, Taureni was addressed by Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare.

Prior to the unveiling, the detectives’ first speculations were also revealed in the first show of the show. Jānis Šipkēvics mentioned that it was actress Lelde Dreimane, Samanta Tīna’s guess was actress Marija Bērziņa, Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare had made the first guess in favor of entrepreneur Linda Mūrniece, while Krivenchy was sure that it was singer Ivo Fomins.

“I had a great time on the show and I learned a lot about myself. Both while preparing the songs and performing them, I surprised myself! It was interesting for me to get into different images, because, firstly, I was a Butterfly, but secondly, in two shows I had to transform into a man, which was very interesting. We had to work hard so that I was not me, but a man. I really felt into a man’s skin while watching a video. Even sitting in the backstage, waiting for the onslaught, I said, “I’m a man,” to believe in myself. And I was also an opera singer, because I also have an academic education. I also sang the song “Memory” at the Academy of Music, which “threw” me back at that time. Each of my songs has its own story that is related to my life! It was the most fun today, because I realized that I am alone on stage, it was a real “disene”. There are no parties, but here I could do what I want! ”

As the second mask, the Evening Star was unveiled tonight, performing Tina Turner’s hit “Simply The Best”.

The host of the show Mārtiņš Spuris revealed that Vakara Zvaigzne has twice applied for participation in Eurovision, won 16 “Golden Microphone” awards. Detectives mentioned that the musician Atis Ieviņš, the director of the show “X Factor” Markus Riva, is hiding under the mask, while the only one who made the most accurate and correct guess was Samanta Tīna, exposing the popular and beloved singer Don.

In a week, the participants of the show “Voice Mask” will perform their favorite songs in Latvian! Watch the show next Sunday on TV3 and Go3 at 20.00!

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