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JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo opened his voice on the wave of rejection of the Job Creation Law.

After the rallies laborer and students are held for three consecutive days to reject the enactment of the Act, President Jokowi finally gave a statement on Friday (9/10/2020) afternoon, from the Bogor Presidential Palace.

Jokowi’s version of hoax

President Jokowi explained a number of disinformation and hoax questions Work Creation Act at the same time delivering objections.

For example, in relation to the elimination of the provincial minimum wage, the district minimum wage and the provincial sectoral minimum wage are removed.

“This is not true. In fact, the regional minimum wage still exists,” he said.

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Then, regarding the hourly minimum wage, President Jokowi also emphasized that this was not true.

Then the news that all leave was removed was not true either.

“Leave rights remain and are guaranteed,” he said.

Furthermore, President Jokowi denied reports that the company would be able to unilaterally terminate employment through the Job Creation Law.

“Then also the question, is it true that social security and other welfare are missing? The truth is that social security still exists,” he said.

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Regarding the obligation of businesses to obtain environmental impact analysis documents (Amdal), the Head of State also emphasized that this provision was not abolished.

“Amdal still exists. For large industries, it must be rigorous to study EIA, but for MSMEs, it is more emphasis on assistance and supervision,” he said.

President Jokowi said at the same time, there was news that the Job Creation Law was encouraging the commercialization of education.

“This is also not true, because what is regulated is only formal education in special economic zones,” he said.

Unfortunately, he did not include in detail the articles in the Job Creation Law and their comparisons in the Manpower Law.

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President Jokowi emphasized that the Job Creation Law was needed to create investment and open as many jobs as possible.

The Job Creation Law is also needed to simplify the business licensing system which is believed to also prevent corrupt practices.

Missed things

However, President Jokowi did not respond to demonstrators’ demands that the law should be annulled through the issuance of a government regulation in lieu of a law (Perppu).

He said, demonstration actions appeared due to disinformation and hoaks.

“I see that the demonstration against the Job Creation Law is basically motivated by disinformation about the substance of this law and hoaxes on social media,” said President Jokowi.

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He also emphasized that he would soon make derivative regulations for the Job Creation Law in the form of Government Regulations and Presidential Regulations.

This derivative rule is promised to be completed in three months. The President at the same time promised to involve the community in drafting these derivative regulations.

“Our government opens and invites input from the public and there are still suggestions and input from the regions,” he said.

It also welcomes those who reject the Work Creation Act to do so judicial review to the Constitutional Court.

“Our constitutional system does say that. So, if there are still those who are not satisfied and refuse, please submit a judicial review to the Constitutional Court,” he said.

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In addition, President Jokowi also did not mention the articles in the final draft of the Job Creation Law that workers protested.

It is known that workers’ representatives met with the Head of State to explain the articles deemed detrimental to workers.

This happened when President Jokowi summoned two labor bosses to the Palace on Monday (5/10/2020), or right on the day the Job Creation Bill was passed into law.

The two prominent laborers who were summoned were the President of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal and the President of the Confederation of All Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPSI) Andi Gani Nena Wea.

“We conveyed which articles we consider detrimental and which are certain to torment Indonesian workers,” said Andi a day after the meeting with Jokowi.

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Federation Labor Lintas Pabrik (FBLP) also previously found eight points in the Job Creation Law that were considered to have the potential to threaten workers’ rights.

For example, a Fixed-Time Work Agreement (PKWT) which can be continuously extended to allow workers to become contract employees for life.

Then, the article is increasingly opening up opportunities for companies to practice outsourcing. In the Manpower Law, practice is limited to types of work that are not directly related to production activities. However, in the Job Creation Law that limit is removed.

Then, the maximum limit of overtime hours is from a maximum of three hours a day and 14 hours a week to four hours a day and 18 hours a week.

In addition, severance pay that was reduced from 32 times was reduced to 25 times.


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