Jokowi’s mission does not fail even though Russia is still attacking Ukraine


Russia is still attacking Ukraine After President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) carry out peacekeeping missions for both countries. However, an international relations expert and former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Dino Patti Djalalassessing that Jokowi’s peacekeeping mission does not mean it can’t be said to be successful.

“President Jokowi’s efforts have not failed. This is a good start. We must be sensitive to the challenges ahead,” said Dino to detikcom, Saturday (2/7/2022).

There are three indicators of the failure or success of Jokowi’s mission. First, he said, if Ukraine and Russia sit seriously in political negotiations to make peace, then Jokowi’s mission will be successful. It’s not impossible in the future.

He observed Putin’s remarks when he met with Jokowi, only briefly mentioning the affairs of Ukraine. Putin talks more about his country’s bilateral relationship with Indonesia.

“The second indicator is the end of the war,” said Dino.

The next indicator is the opening of export flows of Ukrainian wheat and Russian fertilizers as well as other basic commodities from both countries. Dino assessed that there were already signs that the ‘food corridor’ would be realized.

Jokowi, Putin, Zelensky (Photo credit: Reuters)–

However, in general, the peace process does not appear to have materialized today. This is due to Putin’s ambition to conquer Ukraine.

“This (Jokowi’s efforts) is only the first step. The President has knocked on the door to open new initiatives, we all hope that this process will bear fruit,” he said.

Furthermore, the Russian attack after Jokowi’s visit:

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