Jokowi Offers to Be the Messenger of Zelensky to Putin


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Maryinsky Palace, Kyiv, Ukraine. Jokowi said his visit was a form of Indonesia’s concern for Ukraine.

“I conveyed to President Zelensky that I made this visit as a manifestation of Indonesia’s concern for the situation in Ukraine,” said President Jokowi when delivering a press statement with President Zelensky after the meeting, as in a statement from the Press, Media and Information Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat, Wednesday (29/29/2011). 6/2022).

Jokowi also emphasized Indonesia’s position regarding the importance of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. Although it is still very difficult to achieve, Jokowi still conveys the importance of a peaceful settlement. Not only that, Jokowi also volunteered as a messenger.

“In this regard, I offer to carry a message from President Zelensky to President Putin who I will visit soon,” he added.

In addition, Jokowi also expressed his concern for the impact of war on humanity. The Indonesian people and government with existing capabilities are trying to contribute assistance including medicine and hospital reconstruction commitments around Kyiv.

Jokowi also conveyed the importance of Ukraine to the world food supply chain. According to Jokowi, all efforts must be made so that Ukraine can resume exporting food.

“It is important for all parties to provide security guarantees for the smooth export of Ukrainian food, including through sea ports. I support the United Nations’ efforts in this regard,” he stressed.

Undang Zelensky is the G20

During the meeting, Jokowi again conveyed a direct invitation to President Zelensky to participate in the G20 Summit in Bali in November. In addition, Jokowi also conveyed Indonesia’s commitment to continue to cooperate with Ukraine.

“This year is 30 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Ukraine. I convey Indonesia’s commitment to continue to strengthen better cooperation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zelensky expressed his appreciation for President Jokowi’s presence in Ukraine. Zelensky said Jokowi’s visit was the first Asian leader’s visit to Ukraine since the invasion.

“Thank you for coming President Jokowi which is the first visit of an Asian leader since the invasion of Ukraine. I also invite Indonesian businesses to participate in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine,” Zelensky said.


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