Jojo reveals the secret of Indonesia to win the Thomas Cup


Indonesia successful champion Thomas Cup beat China in the final. Jonatan Christie reveal one secret of the Red and White team’s victory!

The final of the Thomas Cup 2020 Indonesia vs China took place at Ceres Arena, Aarhus, Denmark on Sunday (17/10) night WIB. Indonesia closed with a convincing 3-0 victory.

Anthony Ginting, Fajar/Rian, and Jonatan Christie were able to subvert their opponents. After winning the last time in 2002, now Indonesia back to bring home the Thomas Cup!

Jonatan Christie become one of the players Indonesia whose energy is drained at the performance Thomas Cup. Jojo, as he is known, played the match in total with 376 minutes.

In the BWF official website, Jojo’s stamina was the most drained in the knockout phase. Jojo played 75 minutes against Ng Tze Yong, then 100 minutes against Anders Antonsen, and against Li Shi Feng with 80 minutes.

Jonathan Christie appeared in the Thomas Cup with great physical endurance! (AP/Claus Fisker)

Jonatan Christie revealed, the coaches of the Indonesian badminton team did emphasize the issue of stamina to fight in the Thomas Cup. Hard training, become the main food of the players!

“Before we went to Sudirman Cup and Thomas Cup, we knew the schedule, we knew we had back-to-back matches. The coach encouraged me and the others to train harder, especially to improve our physical abilities,” said Jojo.

Because of that, Jonatan Christie also forge physical and stamina. Evidently, he was able to perform optimally against his opponents.

“Winning over Antonsen gave me a lot of confidence because when in the final (against Li Shi Feng), I said to myself let’s play another 100 minutes, or maybe 120 minutes!” the lid.

Thomas Cup Yes, now the Denmark Open is the next tournament. Can Garuda troops bring home more titles?

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