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CEPS Drummond invites Drummond MRC companies who want to mobilize for the cause to visit the site Implementing actions to protect the work environment and focus on empowering employees in relation to their psychological well-being are simple and responsible ways to improve staff retention.

Life promoters highlighted during the 5 @ 7 Recognition

On September 20 the 2And edition of the 5 @ 7 recognition that brings together life promoters from all cohorts, schools that create hope, annual and one-time donors, volunteers and employees of the CEPS Drummond. This event developed by the organization made it possible to highlight the contribution of all these people and, above all, to present a plaque of recognition to the Life Promoters of the 2022 cohort.

“5 @ 7 Recognition was a special moment to thank our many partners” explains Sandrine Van Houtte, Executive Director of the organization. Promutuel Insurance Center-Sud, the Vingt55 magazine et Quality Suites Drummondville they received the plaque this evening. Aeroenergy and also Josée Gélinas have been recognized despite their absence. “

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