Join the Imagina León Creation Workshop with Artist Juan Ugalde at Musac

Join the Imagina León Creation Workshop with Artist Juan Ugalde at Musac

The artist Juan Ugalde will teach the Imagina León creation workshop on the occasion of his exhibition at the Musac. An idea that he already developed under the heading Imagina Escorial, and that represents an artistic contribution in this case to León through the experience of a great artist such as Ugalde.

Participation in this workshop is subject to registration, the deadline for which is open to the fascinating La nave de los locos, an exhibition by Juan Ugalde that can be enjoyed at the Musac and which can be visited until next January 7.

Regarding Imagina León, for one month, the participants will develop a collective scenographic and audiovisual project that will be presented publicly on November 25.

Juan Ugalde will lead the Imagina León workshop on October 13 and 14 and November 3, 4 and 25. Ugalde, a key name in contemporary Spanish painting since the 80s of the last century, draws on his extensive career in creative collectives such as Estrujenbank, La Mancha Revolution or Imagina escorial to develop a collective creation workshop adapted to the specificities of the city of León, for which he will have the collaboration of the Leonese stage director Javier R. de la Varga.

Imagina León is aimed at creators and artists of any discipline who are interested in audiovisual, scenography and performance, and interested people can register for free through the website until next October 4.

The conception of this workshop arises from Juan Ugalde’s experience with the Imagina escorial project, a collective based in El Escorial—Juan Ugalde’s place of residence since 1998—made up of artists from different disciplines and conceived as an adventure of local art and of collective creation. The group seeks to formulate specific proposals for said town and its region. In recent years they have developed a corpus of works, publications, performances and videos with visions that range from the extravagant to the poetic; nourished, in any case, by ecological problems. Imagina León adapts these approaches to our city to, over the course of more than one, conceive a new creative project based on the specific circumstances of the city of León.

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Juan Ugalde began his career in the early 80s in the context of the Madrid scene, developing a pictorial work nourished by Anglo-Saxon pop and expressionist influences. Since the 1990s, his work has been characterized by the fusion of painting and photography. His career is characterized by developing both individually and within the framework of groups such as Estrujenbank, La Mancha Revolution or Imagina Escorial. Ugalde’s work can be found in the main collections in the country, including those of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Artium, Museo Patio Herreriano, Banco de España Collection, Marcelino Botín Collection, or Fundación La Caixa.

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