Join forces to tackle crime in Ridgewood

Frandy Ureña works at the Listo Chimi restaurant, on Myrtle Avenue, and assures that thefts have become common.

“It is something that we do hear a lot. Almost every day you hear that this happened, a looting in such a store, in such a business. It is something that we all know is not right,” says Ureña.

These incidents worry Louron Hall, the new commander of Barracks 104.

So far this year there have been 278 property thefts, an increase compared to 152 for the same period in 2019.

Businesses are the most affected, especially those that do not have a metal gate.

“Most of these crimes occur late at night or on the night shift when businesses are closed. And when most people sleep,” Commander Hall details.

In order to stop this wave of robberies, he explains that the number of night patrols increased.

Additionally, several agents have been visiting businesses to alert them.

This is how María Santos, the coordinating officer, explains: “They cannot all be avoided. But there is a way to avoid them. Yes, they can be avoided by doing what I told you right now: do not leave money there, do not leave anything of value here and lockeen the door and try to secure everything. “

Homes have also become a target for thieves.

Agent Santos is a community organizer and together with auxiliary police officers they have been visiting some residences because many neighbors do not close properly when leaving: “The crimes of robbery at home can be avoided lockeando the door and the window. “

And large-scale vehicle thefts have increased to steal items such as computers, phones and wallets.

“They try to open the door like this and see if there is something inside the car. It could be a dollar, it could be anything … They see that it is there and they open the car and take it,” says Agent Santos.

The neighbors appreciate the efforts of the Police: “Not having a little more security, always close, also warn our family and friends.”

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