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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about his intention to respectfully celebrate Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit). Writes about it Reuters.

He noted that he intends to do the same as everyone else – with dignity to withdraw from the EU. “I will celebrate this event as respectfully as possible, given the scale of the event,” said the British Prime Minister.

Johnson promised to remember that in this case, neither supporters nor opponents of leaving the European Union should be offended. The Prime Minister noted that Brexit will be a great moment for Great Britain, as well as a “moment of hope and new opportunities.”

January 29 deputies of the European Parliament approved UK withdrawal agreement from the European Union. The final step will be the approval of the EU Council on Thursday, January 30.

Great Britain will officially leave the European Union on January 31 at 23:00 GMT (02:00 Moscow time on February 1). After that, until the end of 2020, the transition period will last.

Initially, Great Britain was supposed to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, however, the parliament several times rejected the proposal at that time of the current Prime Minister Theresa May under the terms of the exit agreement. London was given a deferment until April 12, and then until October 31. However, then Brussels agreed to postpone Britain’s exit from the European Union until January 31, 2020.

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