Johnson & Johnson vaccine candidate generates strong response

US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson said on Friday that a single dose of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate generates a strong response through the production of antibodies and provides protection.

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According to the company, which is currently conducting studies, its vaccine protects against infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

A study on this was published in the journal “Nature” and it indicates that the experimental vaccine elicits a strong immune response which protects against further infection.

In this case, the administration of this experimental vaccine with adenovirus vectors of serotype 26 (Ad26) triggered a strong immune response characterized by the presence of “neutralizing antibodies” which prevent “further infection and offer total protection. or almost total lungs against the virus in non-human primates, as part of a preclinical study, ”it was said in a statement.

Johnson & Johnson said on Friday that the first Phase 1 / 2a human clinical trial is underway in the United States and Belgium. In addition, the phase 3 clinical trial is expected to begin in September.

“The results give us confidence that the development of our vaccine is progressing and its high-end manufacture in parallel,” said Dr. Paul Stoffels, Scientific Director of Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson still hopes to meet its goal of delivering more than one billion doses of vaccine globally by 2021.

“Our preclinical results give us reason to be optimistic as we launch our first human clinical trial,” added Dr. Mathai Mammen of Johnson & Johnson. We look forward to taking the next step in our research and development of a COVID-19 vaccine. We know that if we are successful, this vaccine can be rapidly developed, produced on a large scale and delivered around the world. ”

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