Johnson believes trans women should not participate in women’s sports

Corresponding Flower Launspach:

These comments from Johnson are part of what we call “Culture Wars” in the UK. They are social discussions about gender, sexuality, color or background, and about what is or is not seen as ‘politically correct’ in this day and age.

In the meantime, these kinds of discussions in politics are also used as a stick with which to beat the opposition. For example, the Labor Party is often progressive on these kinds of issues, while the Conservative Party – the name says it all – prefers to keep things the same.

Prime Minister Johnson regularly makes comments that he knows will score points with his supporters. He recently started a speech with: ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Or as Labor leader Keir Starmer would say: people born male or female.’ With the local elections approaching, we can expect many more such sharp comments.

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