Johnny Depp’s son tries to “greet” paparazzi with the middle finger, holding a cigarette (PHOTOS)

Rolling in on Amber Heard i Johnny’ego Deppa The process has undoubtedly been the hottest business show for several weeks. Hearings, broadcast live, during which feuding spouses throw mud on each other, have even managed to be called a “reality show”.

Many people testify in the media case, including former partners of the parties. Naturally drawn into the “process of the decade” are also those closest to Heard i Depressed. Recently, there was a lot of talk about the actor’s daughter, who, according to some internet users, should finally speak up and stand up for her father. Lily-Rosedaughter of a 58-year-old from a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, so far, she has not publicly commented on what is happening around her famous dad.

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Johnny’s son also “enjoys” the media attention. Jackwho is also the fruit of the love between the star and the French singer, has been caught recently at the airport in Los Angeles. The 20-year-old laden with bags came in front of the paparazzi lenses at the exit of one of the terminals. Clad in “Italia” sweatshirt, loose jeans and not very clean converses young Depp was photographed as if after the trip he was relishing a cigarette. Judging by the expression and the “cordial” gestures he directed towards the photographers, he was not satisfied with the fact that it was they who welcomed him at the airport …

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Only in Poland, the newly rich wear company clothes with a big logo😂

He did not ask for media attention. Father’s matters are father’s matters, and media hyenas should let the children go

pathetic, they would leave him alone, he does not push the media

Seriously? Are you sticking out the dirty kid’s shoes? I will tell you a secret, shoes sometimes get dirty when you wear them.

He is certainly very nice, but he did not get into his father’s beauty …

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I also cordially greet you on the village of 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Poor kids. I pay for my parents’ mistakes

like most “celebrity” children they will end up either badly or very badly. unfortunately

I thought it was Radwańska

.pity …….. that it is not written what panties he is wearing ……………………. oh this journalistic inquisitiveness – some weak.

I thought it was Agnieszka Radwanska🤔🤦🏼‍♀️

He didn’t get into his mother, not too much … or he picked up those worse genes.

Quite rightly, the kid has the right to get pissed off he is not a public figure and the fact that his father and former lover wanted dirty work in front of the whole world should not be played on

Nice boy, unmanaged, with no tags on. I am not surprised by his gestures, he is a private person, so they should leave him alone.

Vultures, they also pick on his sisters, and what about them, it’s Deep’s wars, not theirs.

Boszzz does he have a son?!?!?! 😳🙈

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