John Travolta’s moving message to his daughter on her first birthday without her mom

John Travolta is also the father of Benjamin, who was born after the couple’s oldest son, Jett, died when he was 16 as a result of Kawasaki disease.

His children are John Travolta’s greatest motivation. “She is kind, generous, balanced, elegant and beautiful. I do not know how she came to be, and I do not take any credit for it other than simply worshiping her,” her father proudly said in an interview for People magazine.

“Benjamin likes gymnastics, tennis, fishing and the world of computers, like all children,” added the actor, who has said that he lives by and for his children. “I believe that children have rights. The fact that they are small does not mean that they should not have something to say. It seems to me that when one consults them, they can have much better ideas than ones of oneself,” he confessed.


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