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John Krasinski’s New Film ‘IF’: A Colorful and Imaginative Adventure with an All-Star Cast, Set to Premiere in May 2024

In ‘IF’ John Krasinski leaves aside the somberness of ‘A Quiet Place’, to immerse yourself in an imaginary world, with friends and many colors. In this film, Krasinski is not only the director, he is also the screenwriter and star. The film is a mix of animation with real life.

For fans of ‘The Office’, this film is a kind of reunion because John Krasinsk joins the legendary Steve Carell. The cast includes stars such as Ryan Reynolds, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Maya Rudolph, Jon Stewart, Bobby Moynihan, among others.

The tape is will premiere in May 2024 and will be distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Synopsis of ‘IF’, a film by John Krasinski

The film focuses on Bea, a role played by Cailey Fleming, a girl who begins to see imaginary friends, those that children of the world once created and then abandoned.

According to the trailer, IF is a huge purple stain that seems to be melting with sadness, that character Steve Carel personifies itl.

On her path, Bea will not be alone, she will be accompanied by ‘The Man Upstairs’, played by Ryan Reynoldswho also helps IF recognize its importance and place in the world.

Reynolds is the only adult capable of seeing all the imaginary friends, which is why he is in charge of accompanying Bea on the adventure of finding children who want to play with the “imaginary friends.”

Regarding his motivation for creating the film, John Krasinski told Entertainment Weekly that “it’s a movie I made for my kids because I don’t think they’ll be allowed to see ‘A Quiet Place.’”

The director of the film also mentioned that after finishing projects such as the Amazon Prime Video series ‘Jack Ryan’, he decided it was time to give free rein to his imagination and that is how he decided to dedicate himself to the project.

But, without a doubt, his main motivation was his two daughters, whom he also shares with actriz, Emily Blunt.

Beyond ‘IF’

The main character is blue because he was imagined by a colorblind child, and he was also designed to be a true companion.

“He is not going to defend anyone. he’ll just give you giant hugs and be adorable. And what better person to give giant hugs and be adorable than Steve Carell,” said the director of the film.

John Krasinski He became known for his role as Jim Halpert in the NBC series ‘The Office’After the series, the actor’s career was on the rise. Successfully venturing into direction.

He has directed until now, ‘A quiet placeo’ (2018), ‘A quiet place 2‘ (2020) and has participated in other productions such as ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ (2016) and the comedy ‘The Hollars’ (2016).

Krasinski graduated from Brown University with a degree in Dramatic Arts. He married Emily Blunt in 2010 in a private ceremony.

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