John Guidetti on site at Friends arena – first press conference

After many ifs and buts, John Guidetti is sitting on a podium at Friends arena.

In July, he is ready to play for AIK.

– It’s a fantastic feeling, of course. It has been a long process. In the end, it turned out exactly as we both wanted. It was obviously an incredible relief, he says.

After it became clear that AIK would not bring Guidetti home in the spring, many supporters vented their anger on the Spanish club’s social media.

– I saw a little neighbor, of course, I did, says Guidetti and smiles.

The 30-year-old further says that AIK’s supporters played a big role when he decided to move home to Stockholm.

– Obvious. The love of AIK supporters is a big part of why I am sitting here today. It has been absolutely insane. Friends heard about it, someone went in a tunnel and it said “John, welcome home”, says Guidetti.

John Guidetti pays tribute to the AIK supporters

He continues:

– People you do not even know .. it has been fantastic. Friends have been summoned to the boss and thought it would be some serious conversation or something. And then the boss asked: “What about John?”.

The striker laughs.

– There is a special mentality in AIK, a special passion and character. I know quite a few in the locker room and know that there are one or two personalities. It probably takes a certain type of personality to be able to handle it. I hope I’m compatible.

The supporters he returns to are something extra.

– I have played for sick supporters. Celtic and Feyenoord, incredible supporters. But it is not left in Spain and England. We have a standing room, Bengals, typhoons. An enormous pressure. It’s incredible in Sweden.

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He tells himself about how it came about that he became attached to AIK and the club’s supporters.

– When I became an AIK member, I knew a guy who worked at Råsunda. He did not let us in. It was a derby, AIK – Djurgården. Stefan Batan was on his way to AIK but went to Djurgården or something. Then I remember that the whole arena sang it, it was a bit shitty. I stopped watching football at some point and just watched the fans.

Reveals the text message from Milosevic

During his years in the national team, he has also played a lot with Sebastian Larsson, Mikael Lustig and Kristoffer Nordfeldt.

More than one person sent a text message to persuade Guidetti to move home.

– There were probably many, but above all those I have an extra good relationship with. “Milo” (Alexander Milosevic) probably dropped two text messages a day where he wrote “Status?”. That was the only thing that stood. But I also had contact with Micke, Seb and Nordfeldt.

So there have simply been several reasons to follow the team lately.

– I have watched all matches for many years. Now it may have been in a different way. When I knew there was interest, it has been in a different way. You have to look at some surfaces, how teams play and how the league works, he says.

– The Allsvenskan has become much better. Everything has gotten better.

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