Johan Derksen tackles Art Rooijakkers hard after statements about Talpa

For the podcast he makes for BNR Nieuwsradio, Art recently spoke with Talpa CEO Paul Römer. There he made the statement that the company is only run by ‘white, heterosexual men of middle age’ when the topic of ‘diversity’ was discussed. “You come from the most diverse broadcaster in our country, the NTR, and now you are in such a white bastion”, criticized the face of Rooijakkers over the floor Capacity. “In the decisive positions, they are all middle-aged white, heterosexual men.”

Johan Derksen is not pleased with that statement. As Wilfred Genee quotes the subject in Veronica Inside he is therefore clear: “Art Rooijakkers is not an unfriendly man, but I have never been able to catch him expressing an opinion. He also makes all those friendly, meaningless programs. Suddenly something has happened and apparently it becomes the management of Talpa. blamed for being white men. “

‘De mustache’ continues: ‘That’s why I say:’ Art Rooijakkers, shut up dude, we have been with RTL for years with a gay management team. I never said anything about that either, did I? (…) whether they are straight, gay, white or black. But that old woman should not get involved and keep making programs for housewives. If he wants to please me he keeps his mouth because it doesn’t come out convincing either out of that mouth of his. “

Big boss Paul Römer did agree with the points of Art. “I also see it as a bit of a problem and so there is still some work to be done”, he responded to the criticisms. “A spearhead is a big word, but it is a point of attention. There is only one John de Mol, can you? And you cannot easily replace him. (…) If you look at the makers behind the scenes, you see You know that it is not yet a reflection of the Dutch population. On the screen it is already a bit better, because it is actually looked at, but there is still a lot to be gained. “

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It is certainly not the first time that Johan gives his honest opinion. Not too long ago he was still in conflict with his WEbuddies for his statements.

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