Joel, the father recognizes his son’s blue shoes


Joel, the father recognizes his son's blue shoes

Gioele’s father, Daniele Mondello, recognized his son’s blue shoes found yesterday afternoon in the woods of Caronia near the human remains that, at this point, there is no longer any doubt that they belong to his son. “I bought those shoes for him with Viviana. They are from Joel “, he said in tears during the recognition of the clothes found yesterday. Arrived shortly before 6pm at the Calipari barracks in Messina where the Scientific Police is based, a DNA test was performed on the man. The DNA was also taken from Luigino Parisi, the father-in-law. They are used for comparison with the child’s human remains.

Shortly before, Daniele Mondello had gone to the Messina Police Headquarters for a notification. Because tomorrow specific checks on Viviana Parisi’s clothes will be carried out at the scientific cabinet of Palermo. Daniele, before arriving at the Calipari barracks, vented and attacked the searches carried out in these two weeks by the rescuers. “They were a failure, a failure,” he repeated twice. In fact, a volunteer, Giuseppe Di Bello, a 55-year-old carabiniere on leave, found the remains of the little one.

According to the chief prosecutor of Patti, Angelo Vittorio Cavallo “it is not excluded” that “the mother and child died in the same place”. “All the hypotheses are open – he explained -. Either a contextual death or a death in separate moments, we must verify it. The most important emergencies will come from forensic investigations”. The baby’s remains, added Cavallo, “were dragged to several places by wild animals. We believe that there was at least a subsequent intervention by the animals”. “This is certain – he explained -, that dispersion effect is certainly the result of an intervention by animals either at a later time or at the moment of the facts”.

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