Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner want to sell their New York home!

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are parents of a baby girl. The two stars have chosen to sell their house in New York.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been parents of a little girl for a few weeks. They chose to sell their villa in New York to live in Los Angeles.

It has been several years since Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are in a relationship. The two stars got married a little over a year ago in the south of France. Then, they wasted no time in starting their family.

Indeed, the star of Game of Thrones has gave birth to a little girl a few weeks ago. Both parents called her Willa and the baby is doing well. In addition, they remain very discreet about their lives as young parents and only make rare appearances.

However, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner made an important decision a few days ago. They have chosen to sell their New York home for over $ 5 million. However, the couple had bought the superb residence in 2018.

Joe and Sophie don’t seem to stay long enough in New York City and don’t want to bother with the villa anymore. So, they put it up for sale and it is very luxurious.

Joe Jonas sells his house in New York!

According to the media outlet The Real Deal, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner chose to become permanent residents in Los Angeles. Thus, they would no longer need their huge villa in New York and prefer to put it up for sale. The house is in the Nolita district of Manhattan and is worth $ 5.9 million.

In 2018, the couple bought the house for $ 5.6 million. Thus, they hope to have a small profit. The house would contain three bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen, a large living room and even a superb terrace.

Then, the house of Joe Jonas and by Sophie Turner would be on the third floor of a building dating from 2015. In other words, everything is new and all you have to do is put your bags down! Not consideringIt contains a private elevator and is in a very beautiful setting.

Last year Joe and his wife bought a huge villa over $ 14 million in Los Angeles in the district of Encino. Thus, this could explain why they want to sell their home in New York.