Joe Biden, test drive on the Hummer EV: the reaction is surprising

United States President Joe Biden took a test drive in the new electric Hummer. Video.

Joe Biden (Foto: Getty Images)

Exceptional test drive for the new one Hummer electric. In fact, the President of the United States got on board the electric off-road vehicle Joe Biden for an event in Detroit in front of the national and international press. Not surprisingly, the current government is a strong supporter of zero-emission cars, as evidenced by the 1,250 billion dollar plan for the conversion of plants in favor of the reduction of the environmental system deriving from the automotive sector.

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Joe Biden, the video on board the electric Hummer

Before getting behind the wheel of the Hummer version pick-up, Biden he jokes with those present telling him that they would meet again in Washington, city of the White House. Once ready, the shots move inside the cockpit, immortalizing the moment of departure. On this occasion, the US president appears very surprised by the performance capabilities of the new EV.

According to the data provided by the manufacturer GMC, we are talking about a vehicle that has an electric power-train of 1,000 hp and over 15,000 Nm of immediate release torque. This last figure, in particular, guarantees acceleration that puts it on the same level as the fastest hypercars in the world: from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

But these are not only his only qualities that deserve to be emphasized. In fact, being a pick-up, 5 meters long and just over 2 meters wide, the electric model offers ample space in the passenger compartment and a high load capacity on the rear floor. Finally, we must add its innate off-road capabilities, which make it ideal for any type of trip.


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