Joe Biden Collapses at US Air Force Graduation Ceremony: Moment of Panic in Colorado and Worldwide

Moment of panic in Colorado, in the United States and perhaps even in the whole world.

This Thursday, was held the graduation ceremony of the US Air Force, the US Air Force. An American-style ceremony, orchestrated by the President of the United States, Joe Biden himself.

80 ans

But when he had just warmly greeted a soldier, Joe Biden collapsed on stage. Provoking a moment of panic in the audience.

Joe Biden, 80 years old and whose detractors, including Donald Trump, often reproach the advanced age, then got up with the help of his bodyguards.

According to various media, Joe Biden would have tripped over a sandbag placed on the stage, which would have caused his fall. Getting up, Biden also points to this famous sandbag.

2023-06-01 19:34:00

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