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Joe Bastianich’s Love Affair with Former Singer Roberta Ruiu – IFood.it (Photo by Ansa)

Joe Bastianich – IFood.it (photo by Ansa)

Now that the two have been caught together there are no longer any doubts about their love. But here’s who she is. Her face is not at all unknown.

He is not just a well-known face in the world of cooking because his name is known almost everywhere, even in the world of music. Not everyone is aware of it, but in addition to being an excellent entrepreneur, Joe Bastianich and also a very good musician. When he’s not judging dishes or following numbers, he can in fact be found playing the guitar.

This is why he recently sat at the judges’ table on Italia’s got Talent and attended Amici Celebrities, due to his enormous talent in the world of music.

However, people remember him above all in the guise of judge of MasterChef Italia. There he was able to show everyone his strong entrepreneurial skillsthat his severe side, behind which however hides a rather tender character. Not everyone has the opportunity to notice and know it, but she certainly does.

There were rumors that there was something tender between them, but then every doubt was confirmed. Now the two find themselves at the center of gossip.

From rumors to stolen shots

For some time there had been talk of a flirtation between the two, but now every voice found a matchbecause they were caught together.

However, it wasn’t so much him who ended up at the center of the gossip, but rather her, who in general is used to this world. Hers in fact she is not an unknown face at all, because she has been seen several times both on stage and in a television program. But here’s who she is.

Roberta Ruiu – IFood.it (photo on Instagram)

Not only a former face of Men and Women but also a singer

What made Joe Bastianich’s heart beat was Roberta Ruiu, a former member of the musical group Lollipop and an old face of Maria De Filippi’s dating program, Men and Women. She won over the strict MasterChef judge and together she experienced a short but intense love story.

In fact, it seems that unfortunately Not long after getting together, the two broke up, although it is unclear why. Roberta Ruiu seems to have practically disappeared today, because not much is known about her. The only thing we managed to find out was that she became Global Ambassador in St Moritz.

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