Jodie Turner-Smith is not participating in prequel The Witcher | NOW

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith decided to cancel a role in the prequel The Witcher. Deadline reports that her agenda no longer allows this after shifts in the schedule of the recordings.

“Due to a change in the production schedule before The Witcher: Blood Origin Unfortunately, Jodie Turner-Smith can no longer play the role of Éile, “a Netflix spokesperson said. Her role will be re-cast.

In January, it was announced that Turner-Smith, who is also in the series The Last Ship in film Queen & Slim could be seen, the role of the elf Éile was going to play.

That character enters the series, occurring twelve hundred years before the events The Witcher plays, on her way to pursue a musical career as a nomad, until she has to return home to put things in order with her sword.


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