Joaquín Sabina married Jimena Coronado

After 25 years of relationship, the couple formed by singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina and Jimena Coronado decided to get married.

The newspaper El País published that the author of “19 days and 500 nights” and his companion went to the civil registry of Pradillo street in Madrid at noon today, Monday. The news included a photograph of the lovers, holding hands, wearing masks on their faces to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It was reported that Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Interior Minister and friend of the newlyweds, was present at the legal process. Other media, such as Vanity Fair magazine, also confirmed the news and assured that the daughters of Sabina, Carmela and Rocío also attended, as a result of their long relationship with Isabel Oliart. Joan Manuel Serrat could not miss, who witnessed the moment when his great friend asked Coronado to marry him in November of last year.

The bride and groom attended their appointment dressed in blue. She in a dress and he in a suit, as well as flowers in the lapel and a straw hat, as seen in the photograph. After the legal process was over, they went to lunch with their guests.

Coronado and Sabina met for the first time at the Sheraton hotel in Lima, Peru. She was the photographer who made the images for an interview about the artist that would be published in the newspaper El Comercio. Although the attraction between the two was immediate, according to what they have told in interviews, the first date took place some time later because both had a partner at the time.

Sabina’s partner, who is the daughter of the former president of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Pedro Coronado Labó, was at his side when last year he suffered a fall in February last year while offering a concert in Madrid.

One of the songs that “El flaco de Úbeda” has dedicated to his love is “Rosa de Lima”.

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