Jo Sumi “The world has stopped but we don’t stop”

Jo Sumi

More than 10,000 people have recently confirmed Corona 19 in Italy. The mortality rate exceeds 3%. Soprano Sumi Jo, who has lived in Rome for over 30 years, said in a telephone interview on December 29 last year, “The situation here is nonsense. Even in Korea, the unit is different and I am really scared.” “There wasn’t enough place to put the coffins, so I loaded up the trucks and moved at night. My heart hurts and I feel anxious… .”

“I’m going crazy because I want to sing on stage
My friend dies and suffers corona blue
Sing online i wanna do something
I want to tell you it’s okay.

A tragic situation continued before my eyes, but Sumi Jo continued singing last year. In April, a video of singing Ave Maria while playing the piano at home was released to convey the message, “I support the medical staff.” In June, the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome held a small concert singing with the Imusic Chamber Orchestra and unveiled it. In July, I made and sang a new song for my friend who passed away. The title of the song is’Life Is a Miracle’. In December, I posted a Christmas carol Medley on YouTube to comfort people.

“You know what my personality is like. I still have to. I have to do something.” “I didn’t do anything because someone asked me to do it. The world has stopped, but neither can we.” I heard about the story of Jo Su-mi’s pandemic and the hope she discovered.

Jo Sumi comforted people by posting a Christmas carol Medley on YouTube in December. [유튜브 캡처]

Jo Sumi comforted people by posting a Christmas carol Medley on YouTube in December. [유튜브 캡처]

It seems to have seen Corona 19 up close.
“I am not without Corona Blue. I have anxiety, stress, and depression. But the music saved me. I saved a lot. But it’s very strange. In this case, there are not many vocalists who can play the piano alone, produce and create something. When I was young, my mom forced me to play the piano for 8 hours a day, which helped me this time.”

How did the music live?
“It’s a very important matter. When you listen to music, you can hear the era, society, and history. It’s not just classical music. I also listen to BTS and Black Pink while studying. It makes me comfortable when I experience something different from reality. It’s a magical power. So, even through an online concert, I wanted to touch people and say,’It’s okay, it will work out’. I think of it as my mission.”

I could hardly perform on stage.
“I am crazy to sing on stage. I am someone who needs an audience. I need a fan, and when I get applause, I see it as life. It was even scary to feel alienated. I wanted to communicate in some way.”

This is my first time singing at home.
“I originally hated online performances. A person who has studied his whole life to sing in good sound without using a microphone. Sing online? Oh, that’s not… . But I changed my mind. My friend died, and even people close to me were sick and wanted to do something. I rented a gallery of a close friend to record Christmas carols, but I did all the setting on my own, and I played the piano and sang while washing my hands hard.”

Are you thinking of continuing an online concert?
“I agree 200% to the saying that life without music is just an error. Even if Corona Grandpa comes, you have to play music. I’m not asking me to “sing good” or “playing the piano well” when you see me, but I want to approach people with my talent. I don’t know what kind of world will appear now, but what’s important is that the roles of artists and musicians have grown tremendously.”

Since we debuted in 1986, it is the 35th anniversary of the new year.
“The first feeling is’No way! I’m still feeling like a student?’ second is… After all, I just think it’s ridiculous. (Laughs) Gangsan has changed class three times, and I still have a lot of music I want to study.”

What do you want to tell people about this new year?
“The world has stopped, but we can’t stop. It has to move in some way. Whether you call your mother and tell her that she loves you or do self-improvement, everyone has to do the role of brightening up the light they have to lighten up even a little.”

Reporter Kim Ho-jeong


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