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Announcement Regarding JKT48 Theater Activities During the Month of Ramadhan 2023

March 21, 2023

Thank you always for your support for JKT48.

Welcoming the arrival of the month of Ramadan, regular shows will not be shown for a while. But starting Saturday, March 25 2023, there will be various Ramadhan events that will be here to accompany you at the JKT48 theater! Here is the list:

JKT48 School

JKT48 School is a ‘school’ event. Here the JKT48 trainees will become students and learn to gain new knowledge in each class. For you who are still students or those who miss school memories, don’t miss it, ok!


In this event, the members will be challenged to play and test their dexterity. Of course there will be lots of fun games and exciting challenges! Don’t miss it!


The three sisters are back! This time, what adventures await them? Is it a sad story from the past? Or a meeting from the future? Don’t miss the adventure that breaks the boundaries of space and time!

Slap Show

The hosting duo Olla and Oniel will invite the members and reveal their secrets and personalities in an unusual way! Will there be laughter? or full of tears? Don’t forget to watch!

University of EFEX

Philosophy according to the Greek word means “love of wisdom”. A methodology that examines general questions about various things from existence, reason, to curiosity about everything. At the University of EFEX the great philosopher Fiony will try to answer all the questions humanity wants to know, and prove it through academic discussions. Don’t miss it!

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We will update the complete schedule regularly and can be checked via the following link: JKT48 Event Schedule

Hopefully this series of Ramadhan events with JKT48 can entertain all of you! Don’t miss it! We are also waiting for your arrival!

JKT48 Operation Team.

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