JK Rowling threatened after public support for Salman Rushdie: ‘You’re next’

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British police have launched an investigation into a threat on Twitter against Harry Potterwriter JK Rowling. She had expressed her support for Salman Rushdie, who was attacked in the US.

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Rowling had written on Twitter after the attack on Rushdie that she was “feeling very sick” and spoke of “appalling news”. A Twitter user who introduces himself on his profile as a student and political militant from Pakistan responded with “Don’t worry, you’re next.”

The message was eventually deleted, but JK Rowling posted a screenshot showing the tweet and a call for Twitter to enforce its guidelines on threats of violence. A spokesman for the Scottish Police confirms that the matter is under investigation.

Last year, JK Rowling had already indicated that she received many death threats in response to statements that were considered by some to be discriminatory against transgender people.

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