Jitty van der Werf startled by threatening letter: ‘It makes me sleep badly’ – Friesland

Van der Werf received a threatening letter on December 24 at home by mail in Hitzum. The message to the “dear farmers and the scorned terrorists” is: “We are not going to look at your arrogance, denial, unwillingness and terror with sorrow. If you don’t commit, every farm in the Netherlands will become a potential target for sabotage and even arson by 2020. Then we mobilize our networks. ”

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The letter is signed with four abbreviations: MTV, ER, EM and DBF. Van der Werf suspects that these abbreviations stand for Meat the Victims, Extinction Rebellion and Dieren Bevrijdingsfront. Meat The Victims strongly denies being involved in the threatening letter. ,, We have nothing to do with it. We do not tolerate violent behavior or violent expressions. ”At the end of last year, farmers had plenty of campaigns with tractors out of dissatisfaction with the government’s nitrogen policy.

Threat letter is independent of decision to separate from FDF

Van der Werf says that he was very shocked by the letter. “I don’t sleep well and go to the barn several times during the night.” “I had already taken that decision before this letter came.”

Van der Werf announced the letter on Friday, including via the site of agractie.nl. Certain phrases are shaded black on the advice of the police. “To prevent the media from turning it into a story of its own.”

Interests Agrarysk Fryslân and Agractie Nederland call on farmers to be vigilant and, if possible, to install cameras. The groups say they are not intimidated and continue to “defend our interests, where necessary with (legal) actions.”

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Van der Werf has reported. The police confirm this and according to spokesman Robert-Jan Valkema there will be a follow-up investigation.

LTO Nederland also received the threatening letter before Christmas. Normally, the largest farmers’ organization in the Netherlands does not publicize such letters. “But now that the content of the letter has been announced, we have decided to publish a statement.”

Part of the threatening letter.

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