Jiřina Bohdalová cut with the theater: An actor must be fit, she added

Bohdalova because she blew the whistle on all theater performances. “But it’s fair to say that I don’t feel at 100 percent performance these days. An actor must be fit,” the actress confided to the daily Blesk. This fact was also confirmed by her friend and at the same time the director of the Theater Na Jezerce Jan Hrušínský.

Jiřina Bohdalová and David Pastrňák kicked things off on the dance floor.

Jiřina played in the mentioned Prague theater for several years, for example in the play Gin Game alongside a Slovak actor Milan Kňažek. If her health permits, she would like to return to the stage during the second half of the year. If not, he will at least try to hold talks for the fans.

If you cross this line, I will have to defend myself. Jiřina Bohdalová’s most famous quotes

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