Jiřina Bohdalová and her friend Focko: She had no idea about the detention!

Even on Friday morning, the legendary actress had no idea what was happening to her boyfriend. No one told her she was Ľubomír Focko in custody. “She laughed and was in a good mood, nothing bothered her. She didn’t know at all that something so serious was happening, “Aha told Sunday! the man who spoke to the actress. According to our information, she found out all shortly before the information was published in the media, when she was called from the List of News with a request for comment.

This is how Bohdalová celebrated 91! With Stašová, Zelenka, Dejdar and others!

“She immediately collapsed, she didn’t expect anything like that. She had no idea or interest in billionaire Fock’s business or activities. She tended to deal with family matters with him, “said the source. Fock sent a court into custody on Tuesday. The day before, a house search had taken place during which even unregistered weapons were to be confiscated. The police are investigating him in the case of the manipulated orders of the Radioactive Waste Repositories Authority. The billionaires are to be described by the police in the internal investigation documents as the head of the whole group. Investigators are prosecuting him for the clause of negotiating an advantage in a public contract, for which he may face up to 8 years behind bars.

He sold supermarkets

He works in more than ten companies in the Czech Republic, for example he owns the company ADD CZ, which deals with telematics. In Slovakia, he previously owned the Carrefour supermarket chain, which he sold, according to available information.

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Jiřina Bohdalová is 91: I would like to celebrate my birthday for the next and next years!

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