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recently,The costume detective drama “League of Gentlemen” starring Jing Boran hits the air, he played the role of Lan Jue, the minister of the Rites of the Great Yong, and successfully gained a lot of attention and discussion. Flying through the years, leisurely in the blooming years, watching quietly from a distance, lightly relieved, this is the impression many people have of Lan Jue after watching “The League of Gentlemen”. The reversal of the character set has impressed countless audiences. And Jing Boran’s gentle and elegant temperament and extraordinary aesthetic taste also resonated with the character itself in surprise.

Mr. Qing Jun’s aesthetic and refined actor and role’s wonderful tacit understanding

“Serious as the wind under the pine, bright as the moon in the forest” is the description of Lan Jue by others in the play.Lan Jue grew up in a very difficult environment, but she was able toSticking to the quality of a gentleman like orchid for ten years. Whether it was the most difficult time when he was young, he sold calligraphy for a living on the street, or after he became an official in the court and got his own mansion, he was still as tall and unyielding as a green bamboo and jade pine. He can be called a handsome young man forged by adversity, and will The temperament of Jing Boran, who is vividly interpreted, is very similar to that of Lan Jue. Coincidentally, whether it is in terms of clothing or life aesthetics, there is also a subtle and harmonious tacit understanding between the characters and actors. Lan Jue has outstanding aesthetics in the play, is unique, and is widely acclaimed. Outside the play, Jing Boran is known for her good taste.

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Jing Boran's

From a salt boyfriend to a lifer Jing Boran uses characters to express his attitude towards life

Whether it is a sunny and handsome boy in the early days of his debut, or the exquisite and noble son recognized by the public now, Jing Boran still maintains the sunshine and gentleness unique to teenagers, with a light and unassuming temperament. Just like his clothes, he can always add some childlike elements to the most common basic models, so as to match a set of simple but eye-catching outfits. Jing Boran has become everyone’s favorite clothing with his good aesthetics over the years. Take a template.

Jing Boran's

Another praiseworthy good taste of Jing Boran comes from his aesthetics of life. If it is said that Lan Jue’s aesthetics for home furnishing is simple and elegant, meticulous and refined, then Jing Boran is no different. From the unique decoration style of the home, to every piece of special furniture that Jing Boran chose for his small home, to the bedroom with the light dogwood powder wall, every detail shows his superior taste and his love for life and life. family’s attention.

League of Gentlemen“CloserOn the same day, Jing Boran published a long farewell article to Lan Jue, wrote his personal understanding of Lan Jue’s role, and analyzed Lan Jue’s attitude towards life. It is precisely because Jing Boran is a transparent, pursuing, and tasteful person that he can play Lan Jue, who has been in the officialdom for many years, but is still elegant and gentle, yearning for peace and freedom, so vividly. In the end, the self and the characters achieved each other, which brought surprises to the audience.

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