Jin Joong-kwon “The airport instead of the rubber god…

Jin Joong-kwon, former professor at Dongyang University

“When the gateway airport enters Gadeokdo Island, it will become a world-class logistics hub by meeting the Sky Road, the Sea Road, and the Land Road.” President Moon Jae-in went down to Busan and said: High-ranking officials from the Party, the government, and the Qing came to the event. It is blatant election intervention. In order to re-establish power, we can see a tenacious will not to choose any means and methods.

[진중권의 퍼스펙티브]
53.6% of the people oppose Gadeok New Airport Special Act, the return of ticketing politics in the 1960s
Park Geun-hye decided to expand Gimhae Airport, and the Moon government became a regime that couldn’t even be the impeachment government.
Irresponsible passport, pathetic opposition… The price of the ticket is ultimately national tax.
A country in which people with no public mind dragon are lawmakers, ministers, and presidents

Guardianism that moths the country

This behavior of obtaining votes in exchange for providing goods to a specific group is called’clientelism’. Guardianism hinders the equal and efficient distribution of limited goods. I don’t know if it would be nice to have rice cakes falling in my area right now. However, since we will do it in all regions, the damage will eventually be affected by everyone.

If the party does that, the president has to tear it apart. The presidency is not for a specific political party, but for the people as a whole. If you are a president, you must know how to abandon the party policy for the future of the country. But what he lacks is that literacy. The political culture of this country had to be returned to the ticketing politics of the 60s.

In a public opinion poll, 53.6% of the people answered that the special law of Gadeokdo New Airport was’wrong’. 33.9% of respondents said’good job’. While negative public opinion prevailed in all places, including Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam, which are the destinations, positive public opinion prevailed in the Honam region, which was unreasonably unrelated to the new airport. Here, the political nature of this work is revealed.

The new airport is a project that lays the foundation for the Honam-PK solidarity. In addition, it can lead to the division of PK and TK, so it is one of the gods. Although it is an unscrupulous ticketing act to buy votes with the blood of the people, the opposition party, which must check this, has no choice but to ride on the trend in order to hold an election. As a result, irresponsible politics becomes common.

Report of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has been halted

Jin Jung-kwon's Perspective Graphics = Shin Yong-ho

Jin Jung-kwon’s Perspective Graphics = Shin Yong-ho

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has evaluated Gadeok New Airport negatively in all seven items: safety, construction, operability, environment, accessibility, aviation demand, and economy. The city of Busan claims that the long-term subsidence will proceed 35 cm over 50 years, but Kansai Airport, which has better conditions than Gadeok Island, also subsided 13 m over 22 years. The maintenance cost exceeded 10 trillion won.

Building-high ships run nearby. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries oppose it. Jinhae Airfield and the airspace also overlap. The air force is also against it. The open sea wind is strong, and the runway rises up to 40 meters. Since the airport is an aircraft carrier, an undershoot is expected to result in a more terrible disaster than the Asianagi San Francisco airport accident. Domestic flights are left in Gimhae, so the danger of Dodaesan Mountain remains the same.

In addition, there are 6 topographic conservation areas on Gadeokdo, 3 areas for absolute conservation of greenery, camellia flower communities and migratory birds in the lower Nakdong River within 1km. This is why the Ministry of Environment opposes it. The thorough environmentalists who have committed illegality because they could not stand the two-year extension of the nuclear power plant destroy the report of the ecosystem. Is this the’Green New Deal’ that the regime is proud of?

The construction cost is also said to be 7.5 trillion won, but it actually costs 15 trillion won. Does building an airport create demand? The volume of cargo at Gimhae Airport is only 10% of Incheon Airport and 5% in terms of amount. Even according to the rosy prospect of 600,000 tons of cargo in 20 years, it is less than a quarter of Incheon’s current cargo volume of 2.8 million tons. It is far from a global hub.

Legislative Nongshim, 180-seat legislative dictatorship

What is embarrassing is the president’s remarks. “The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport should have a responsible attitude.” In the report of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the opinion that acceptance of the special law would violate the duty of public officials is attached. However, the President urges public officials to violate the law. In the case of the Wolseong nuclear power plant, public officials were arrested after having such a “responsible attitude”.

Legislation was also sloppy. If it were, the ruling party lawmaker said, “We don’t do the same for the river maintenance in the neighborhood.” Gimhae New Airport is still alive legally. Even if it is abolished, the location of the new airport must be newly selected, and legislation is next. Exemption from the preliminary feasibility study means that they have no business potential.

“Gadeok, too, will legislate so that the new airport cannot be returned.” (CEO Nak-Yeon Lee) Preliminary Results Even if there is no business possibility, even if it is judged as inappropriate in the business feasibility study, even if it is evaluated as a return horn business in the environmental impact assessment, there is no way to return the business as long as that law exists . In this country, the laws of thermodynamics of irreversibility apply to legislation.

I first hear the word that the law is’all mighty’ since I was born. It is also possible that this law neutralizes 31 related laws such as rivers, environment, ports, and military facilities at once. In short, it is the law of the laws, that is, the constitution, not the constitution. The omnipotence of the law, of course, comes from the omnipotence of 180 seats. It is almost a legislative dictatorship at the level of constitutional power.

Why the hell is Gadeokdo Island

In the feasibility study of Paris Airport Authority Engineering, Gimhae New Airport received 818 points, Miryang scored 665 points, and Gadeok Island scored 635 points. However, the Prime Minister’s office turned it over with nonsense logic. When the state project was abused as a means of re-establishment, a bizarre thing took place in which a 635 point value becomes an alternative to a 818 point value.

Party, administration, and office inflate all kinds of rosy illusions, but Gadeokdo’s comparative advantage over Gimhae is that it can operate at night. However, major European airports such as London’s Heathrow, Amsterdam’s Schiphol and Germany’s Frankfurt are also restricting or banning nighttime operations. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be a herb.

Whether the runway is in Gimhae or Gadeokdo, the only difference was that it was possible to operate at night, but there was an uproar. It will become a “detonator of industrial restructuring” (Gyeongnam Governor Kim Gyeong-su), and “a future in which year-round use of the Arctic route becomes a reality and cross-Siberian trains are connected” (Former President Jong-seok Lim) will be opened. Can’t the North Pole route and the crossing train connect to Gimhae?

Gadeokdo’s opposition to the airport instigates “regional negligence”. Let’s do a thought experiment. The construction cost claimed by the city of Busan is given 7,500 billion won, and all rights and responsibilities related to the construction, repair, maintenance, and operation of the airport are handed over to the city. Will they ever receive this offer? Probably you will never take it.

A collapsing state system

They know that the business will be a tax-eating hippo. The obsession with Gadeokdo comes from that expectation (?). However, the 22 trillion won sown in the four major rivers went to the ships of the builders, not the locals. It is difficult to trust because of the small number of samples, but it is fortunate that 54.0% of boo, ul, and sutra said that the special law was wrong.

This regime is truly irreversibly increasing the entropy of the state by destroying procedures and order. Official opinions from government ministries such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Environment, and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries were ignored. 31 related laws were defeated at once. The agreement between the five mayors and provincial governors was also overturned. The system of state operation itself is broken.

Since the precedent has been set, similar special laws will continue to be made for each election season in the future. The Daegu-Gyeongbuk New Airport Special Act is also created. Are our Chungcheong-do hot pants? The bustling mayor of Seosan asked for a private airport to be built, saying that “Chungnam-do cheating sounds” should be done. “I don’t want any special laws. Please select a project that is eligible for preliminary exemption.”


Before the 19th general election in 2012, former Minister Cho Kook said: “When the election season comes, the civil engineering pledges rise again. New airport 10 trillion free high school education is possible for 10 years, and 22 trillion won in 4 major rivers feeds 3 years of basic beneficiaries.” In that case, he even dedicated the name’Roh Moo-hyun International Airport’ to the new airport on Gadeokdo Island.

Dougli is also bad civil engineering when others hit it, and good civil engineering when I hit it. What is different from the regime of MB (former President Lee Myung-bak) that they criticized? As the president of the Justice Party, Rep. Sang-jung Shim evaluated the decision to expand the Gimhae Airport as “the most responsible decision made by the Park Geun-hye administration.” This government soon became a regime that couldn’t even be the impeachment government.

The party, the government, and the Qing are irresponsible, and the opposition party that rides on is pathetic. For the votes they bought, we have to pay the bloody tax instead. Republic means’res publica’. In this country, people who have no public minddragon at all become legislators, ministers, and even presidents. Should the rubber shoes change to an airport be called’development’? Still, in the 1960s, politicians spent my money on rubber shoes. Nowadays politicians spend a lot of money on doing it. There is no way to stop even seeing the absurdity. From the president to the politicians, all are vulgar and irresponsible. Please, let’s grow up.

Jin Joong-kwon, former professor at Dongyang University

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