Jimmy Butler, NBA stats as Miami Heat leader

Perhaps years ago most analysts and fans did not expect that Jimmy Butler it was going to achieve the status it currently has, in every way. This countercultural basketball player, with his favorite game in the middle post, in tactics, is a tremendous defender and does not temporize forces behind and in music, he is a lover of country, he has been growing progressively and becoming a true vocal leader . He learned a lot in Chicago and Minnesota, he knew how to assume another role in Philadelphia and all of this led him to the stellar level that he shows off now, signing nba statistics memorable and growing in the peak moments. He is determined to get a ring and if he continues to perform like this in these playoffs NBA 2022his team, these fantastic Miami Heat, will have plenty of options.

If the MVP of this postseason had to be selected now, Butler would have all the ballots for it since he is the only player who has scored more than 40 points in three games. This acquires much greater merit when analyzing his shot chart and realizing that he has enormous success percentages, knowing how to select his shots well and trusting his teammates when it comes to bending balls. This has allowed him to register more than 25 points on average with more than 50% success in field goals, without any other player achieving it so far. The most impressive thing is that his defensive activity has not suffered one iota, being key in stealing the ball, defensive help and even intimidation.

Jimmy Butler beats Lebron and Wade in a tremendous statistical aspect

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This is allowing him to earn a place in the history of the franchise of Miami Heat, by becoming the player with the most playoff games scoring 40 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and dishing out 5 assists, at least in all those parameters. He has surpassed Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, which shows the greatness of him. In addition, he is one of those players who grows in peak moments, as evidenced by the fact that the five games in which he has scored more than 40 points have occurred in the postseason. There are plenty of reasons for Floridians to allow themselves to dream that Jimmy Butler lead them to glory.

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