Jim Rogers’ Monthly Connect Prophecy’Donghak Ant Movement Will End Soon’

Jim Rogers Monthly Connect Prophecy “Donghak Ant Movement Will End Soon” (Photo = Broadcast)

Jim Rogers, the world‘s top 3 investor, warned Korea’s Donghak ants.

Jim Rogers, who appeared as a video on tvN’Monthly Connect’, aired on the 7th, opened a speech saying, “The global investment craze is blowing,” when asked about the phenomenon of money rushing to Korea.

Jim Rogers said, “The US central bank prints a lot of money and the government spends a lot of money. This is the situation in the UK, Germany, China, Japan, etc. With money overflowing all over the world, you have to find a place for money to go.” “It takes a long time to build a factory. You can do it right now to invest in the Korean stock market online. (Investment craze) is a phenomenon that is happening not only in Korea but all over the world,” he explained.

Jim Rogers said about the so-called’Donghak Ant Movement’, which is leading the Korean stock market after the spread of Corona 19, “It’s obvious. When the market grows, inexperienced investors come in. A lot of money flows in. That’s the end. It will rise for a while, but it will rise,” said Jim Rogers. “It will eventually collapse. It will be this time. I can feel the end is approaching. I’m not saying it’s over, I’m telling a signal. You have to be prepared.”

Broadcaster Jang Ye-won asked, “If so, do you have any advice you would like to give to Donghak ants?”, and Jim Rogers laughed, “If I talk, I won’t listen.”

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