Jiaxing, China: Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Justice Establishes Impenetrable Legal “System Network” to Enhance Overall Business Environment Supported by Rule of Law

The Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Justice weaves a dense rule of law “system network” to help optimize the business environment in an all-round way with the guarantee of the rule of law

Release date: 2023-03-17 16:28

Information source: Municipal Bureau of Justice


The Tongxiang Judicial Bureau focused on the theme of legal protection and business, further exerted the function of legal protection, and helped optimize the legal business environment from the institutional level.

The first is to strengthen the compliance review before the policy is issued.In-depth promotion of legality review and filing review, focusing on whether regulatory documents and administrative contracts violate the principle of fair competition, whether illegally setting market access and exit conditions, whether illegally intervening or affecting the normal production and operation activities of market players, etc., shall be reviewed in a timely manner. Documents that correct and prevent damage to the legitimate rights and interests of market players are issued. Improve the construction of legality review teams at the city and town levels, and achieve full coverage of full-time and part-time legal officers in 11 towns (streets). Since 2022, a total of 18 normative documents related to the business environment have been reviewed, including 15 at the municipal level and 3 at the town (street) level.

The second is to pay close attention to the legal review of major decisions.Implement the “Procedures for Major Administrative Decision-Making in Zhejiang Province”, adhere to the full coverage of the review of the legality of major administrative decisions, focus on the legality review of major administrative decisions related to the business environment in accordance with the law, and promote the equal protection of the legitimate rights and interests of market players in accordance with the law. At present, the catalog of major administrative decision-making matters at the municipal level in 2023 has been completed. Strengthen the catalog management of major administrative decision-making matters of departments and towns (streets). At present, 25 major administrative decision-making matters catalogs for 2023 have been announced, and 7 are seeking public opinions.

The third is to follow up the special clean-up after the introduction of the policy.Continue to carry out the special clean-up of normative documents related to the business environment, and comprehensively clean up and revise the contents of normative documents that hinder the unified market and fair competition, violate the principle of equal protection, are not conducive to the development of the private economy, and violate current laws and regulations. Ensure consistency with legal regulations and new national regulations and requirements on optimizing the business environment. Since 2022, a total of 327 administrative normative documents have been cleaned up, of which 249 remain valid, 25 are declared invalid, and 53 are abolished.

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