“JEZ!-boot Party Keeps Going Strong with Epic Shows by Regi and Maksim Stojanac Live!”

ShowbizHLN, VTM, Qmusic and Belfius are unpacking this week with JEZ! as a successor to Red Nose Day. This initiative puts young people in the spotlight. JEZ therefore stands for young and crazy, but also young and confident, young and caring, young and so much more. As a closing moment, the JEZ! boat will sail through Flanders all week long to party at various stops. This evening it is in Deinze, where Regi, Maksim Stojanac and Michael Amani, among others, blow the roof off. The JEZ! party week runs until 31 March. On the sailing radio studio, the Q-DJs play requests that you can request. Or you can make a financial donation via qmusic.be or the Q-app.


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28-03-23, 20:36

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After the story of her association with the Iraqi journalist Nizar Al-Faris caused an uproar during the past days, the artist Houria Farghali returned to the forefront of the scene, this time accusing her manager of stealing her accounts on social networking sites.

Farghali accused her recent business manager of taking over her accounts on social media, according to Egyptian media.

And the artist said in televised statements, yesterday evening, Tuesday, that her business manager is bargaining with her in order to restore her accounts on the communication sites in exchange for obtaining half a million Egyptian pounds.

She also indicated that she is not responsible for the materials that are currently being published on these accounts, and continued, saying that all her accounts were stolen by a well-known company, and added, “I don’t know why she doesn’t want to break the contract between me and her?”

Farghali explained that her contract with her business manager provides for the payment of half a million pounds if she wants to terminate the contract with her, noting that she refuses to return her accounts on social media, as she links them to paying the value of the termination of the contract.

It is noteworthy that the social media and the artistic community have been buzzing over the past few days with the news of the Iraqi journalist, Nizar Al-Fares, announcing his association with the Egyptian artist Houria Farghali, which was denied by the latter.

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