Jette Malow and Arjen Ulrichs want to walk to New York – Freiburg

Jette Malow and Arjen Ulrich are walking to New York. They are currently stopping in Freiburg and telling what awaits them on the 45,500 kilometers.

If everything goes as planned, they will be on the road for about seven years. Jette Malow (41) and Arjen Ulrich (39) from Rotterdam have been on their way to New York since May 15 – on foot. They want to come through 37 countries and cover 45,500 kilometers. When talking to them in the Stadtgarten, it becomes clear that New York is more of a symbolic destination – they are about being on the move and react flexibly to all situations. So they might end up somewhere else.
The occasion was a return flight…

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