Jets and Giants to drop New York from team name

Two fans have filed a lawsuit seeking to force the New York Giants and New York Jets to remove the city name from their team names. The reason they gave was that the franchises would create false expectations and deceive fans with the name, Rich Calder reported from the “New York Post”. “MetLife Stadium is located in the swamps of East Rutherford, New Jersey […] The Giants, the Jets and MetLife Stadium have no affiliation with the city, county or state of New York,” read the official complaint from the two fans. They even originally called for the Giants and Jets to return to New York. According to Calder, it was This demand was only smiled at by both teams. According to Calder, the Giants, the Jets and the NFL have already called in their lawyers and are not concerned about the matter. “New York” in the team name is not misleading and is only referring The NFL rules state that a team’s stadium can be within a 120-kilometer radius, and MetLife is just 11 kilometers from Manhattan.

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