Jesús Dueñas ‘tacha’ the Chicken Briseño of disrespectful and talkative

Jorge Rosales

Monterrey, Nuevo León. / 07.02.2020 13:42:16

The statements of Antonio Briseño this Thursday they did not go unnoticed in Tigres. Jesús Dueñas le responded to the defender Chivas calling him talkative and disrespectful before the meeting on Day 5 this Saturday.

Chicken mentioned that felines are the team of the decadebut assured that The Flock is the largest in Mexico.

“What can I tell you about Briseño Chicken? We know that this is the ‘Chick’, which sometimes also speaks some things that I don’t share. We know that months ago what happened to Giovani, they brought him around. Is a disrespect talk about a club. This is spinning, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, “said Dueñas.

The Mexican midfielder noticed surprised by the statements of the central, and asks to be demonstrated on the court.

“He is a player who wore the shirt and I don’t understand why I would say that Tomorrow is worth it that he shows the same, That is clear, we are going to prove otherwise, that it is a very hungry club and we want to continue writing history and that the club continues to grow, ”he said.

He commented on evil start of the auriazules, with only one victory and two goals scored that puts them in the 13th place in the table with just four points, something that has them sad and have come out annoying themselves.

“We didn’t like this tournament at all, we even went out until mad at ourselves, we have said that there we have stopped doing many things that this team did not do during the past years and several things were achieved, ”he said.



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